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Everything Electrical You Need To Know About Your Home

In Australia, you must be a registered electrician to make any wiring alterations at home. However, just because you cannot make the changes yourself, it does not mean that you do not need to know about your home's electrical system. Whether you want to know why your light bulbs keep blowing or you are interested in adding outdoor floodlights, you can find the information you need (and more) right here. When it comes to anything to do with your home's electricity, use the posts at this website to help you make decisions regarding changes to your home, so that when it is time to call and book an electrician, you know exactly what to ask for.



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Three Electrical Changes To Help Modernise Your Home Office

Working from home provides the luxurious freedom of less travel time and fewer work colleague distractions, so it is not surprising that almost 33% of employed Australians regularly take advantage of the home office. As someone who wants to increase their number of work-from-home days, it is important to take a close look at your home office before you do. By casting an eye over your office and making a few changes, you can create a home office which is modern and technology-friendly. As an example, here are three changes an electrician can make to your home office which will boost your productivity.

Install Data Ports

Have you ever noticed that when you work at home, your computer seems slower than at the office? Your home internet speed is indeed slower than that in a commercial building, but the other issue is that you are working on wi-fii rather than plugged directly into your internet service. When you work using wi-fi, the signal needs to travel to your computer from the router using radio frequencies. The frequencies need to pass through walls to get to your computer, and these obstacles slow them down. The better option is to have your electrician install a data port into your home office. From this port, they run cabling through your wall cavity or along your floorboard to where the router is located. This means you can plug your computer into the data port and the router into the data port at the other end. This effectively connects your computer directly to the router, and you get internet speed which is higher than what wi-fi provides.

Tidy Cabling

By the time you put a laptop or desktop, phone charger and a couple of monitor screens onto your home office desk, you are left with quite the tangle of electrical wires lying loose, ready to trap your feet as you move around. Your electrician has some cable tidying options which clear up the mess and keep them well away from your feet. This will stop you accidentally unplugging the computer while in the middle of an important Skype call.

Look At Lighting

Office lighting is installed with a worker's eyes in mind, but that was not a consideration when the lighting was installed in your home. Have an electrician look at your current lighting so that they can suggest better options for you. The less eye strain you experience while working, the more productive you can be.

As you can see, having an electrician come out and discuss changes to your home office offers you the opportunity to be much more productive while you are working from home.